Tuesday, April 15, 2008
Jennifer Lopez Thanks Her Little People And Tom Cruise
Jennifer Lopez

It says the mail: " The new mummia J-Lo loses 40 pounds in four weeks with l aid of workouts.& quot laborious; The mummie can agree well with the head. Working up and down the scales all the day, feeding two children, washing their garments and maintaining them in the babysitter sure singe those calories. , aka Jenny that possesses the block, has lost the weight of loadsa the debit to the light two binoculars. That s when small wide awake people, like its " square of the leak of dietisti and trainers& quot personal; The ? she marks it the newspaper of the metropolitan: " Jennifer Lopez has asked its greater friendly beloved and scientologist the Tom Cruise for being godfather to its twins." Or frightened.. According to the bucket more close, J-L the regime of s extending to the awakening to 4am.



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