Friday, March 14, 2008
Tilda Swinton Transcends Hollywood
Tilda Swinton

That red hat blaze and those angles of the china nearly render it impossible not to arrest themselves and not to be. And I have pointed out the dressed ones? Tilda graces the cover towards lesterno of magazines you open them "." While the divincita transport of the actress isnt, delicious she dims the contours with its style, attitude and roles. Ive has always thought that was a fascinating woman, but from the Oscars, Ive has modernized it to the astonishment. While the fashionistas they have torn its trick-free face and chic Hefty-bag, the bench it was one of the more remarkable women on the moquette red (JUST, fine, the bag of the refusals was bizzarra, but it still is successful nearly to detach it). , Moses moreover operated sweet, she never seems good in dressing.. Anyone that it has seen she 1992s in the garde avant Bordering epic knows that fold with the thing better can kind- than they.

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