Monday, December 17, 2007
Cleo lemon

Cleo Lemon's 64-yard touchdown pass to in overtime gave the their first win of the season with a 22-16 victory over the .

These were probably fairly dull jobs, but at least they provided a structure for adult lives. The has changed from being a patriarchal society to a matriarchal one since the collapse of the region's heavy industry and its attendant apprenticeship schemes. There is no longer any specific role for working-class men.

Right now, is playing one of those "" movies that used to clog the airwaves in the late 1950s: 1953 RKO chestnut "Susan Slept Here". This was a Christmas movie? But it was for the guys programming . One year, "Susan Slept Here" was the Christmas selection for Million Dollar Movie, so it played the whole week! The very idea of the movie (17 year old "juvenile delinquent" girl hooks up with middle-aged comedy writer) is borderline ghastly, and adorable act gets tired very fast. But it is Frank Tashlin, and there are moments of such bizarre cartoon invention.


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