Wednesday, October 31, 2007
Cate Blanchett is reportedly pregnant
Cate Blanchett

sparked rumors she is expecting her third child with husband after she was pictured sporting an apparent baby bump while leaving on Saturday (27 Oct 2007).

The Spice Girls to star in a raunchy campaign Victoria's Secret
Spice Girls

The reunited girl group - , , and - are in talks to pose in the brand's underwear ahead of their performance at the company's star-studded fashion event next month.

Update: 5.6 quake hits near Alum Rock, strongest since Loma Prieta
A moderate, but powerful earthquake struck San Jose just after 8 p.m. tonight, shaking buildings and prompting rattled residents to pour out of their homes.


Supermodel has become the latest celebrity to meet - but she refused to talk politics with the controversial leader.

Elvis Presley

 has been named the year's highest-earning dead celebrity, with coming a close second in a bizarre new poll.

Jane Seymour

Actress has been saved from getting the axe from - she has fallen ill with food poisoning.

San Jose Earthquake Registers as a Magnitude 5.6
San Jose Earthquake

A rattled late Tuesday evening causing buildings to rattle and residents to run for shelter. The San Jose earthquake didn't cause any major damage but had emergency crews on alert. The relatively minor quake was felt across the .

Julie Smolyansky
is the . They just announced their 3rd quarter sales of $9,820,000. This is a 32% increase from the same quarter last year.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007
But any commercial with the word "" in it is noteworthy in my book. I haven't quite figured out how this is supposed to sell insurance. I suppose the male customers might drop by the office to try to get a glimpse of those

Doppler Effect
At 7:05, the boys knock on Penny's door, with Leonard dressed as Frodo, Sheldon as the , Howard as Peter Pan nee Robin Hood, and Rajesh as Thor - not the Marvel character, the actual Norse God. I beg to differ, as the Norse God is depicted as a redhead with a beard and Rajesh clearly sports a blonde wig and no facial hair, but I'll let it slide. Penny tries to explain to the boys that no one is there because no one shows up at the time the party is supposed to start, and in fact she is not even in costume yet, but they are socially unaware enough to not understand her point, so she lets them in and goes off to get ready.

Latissimus dorsi muscle
While gripping is the most important area to physically improve, there are other areas that will make your climb more manageable (or even possible). There are times when you must reach and pull yourself in odd positions. This is when , , and strength is especially beneficial.

Explosions, fire at Barton Solvents Iowa location
Barton Solvents

, are fighting a large fire at a plant there, according to the newspaper Web site. The paper reports that fire crews from at least seven area fire departments are fighting the fire, which has closed parts of Interstate 80 and Interstate 35 in the northeastern part of that city.

Tim Susco
If you were watching "" moments ago on , you may have thought about . Tim passed away on August 15, 2007 as a location manager for "". He was born in Virginia born in 1981 and died on 15 August 2007.

Candy Direct
! As everyone scrambles to get their n costume ready, apparently the last minute scramble tonight is also for CANDY! Lots of it! And an lalate favorite is They got all the different assortments you need.

What Is Anarchic Hand Syndrome Aka Alien hand syndrome?
Aka Alien hand syndrome(anarchic hand or ) is an unusual neurological disorder, a form of apraxia in which one of the sufferer's hands seems to take on a mind of their own. is best documented in cases where a more on It's also called "Dr. Strangelove syndrome" or "."


and ? Joe Girardi, who was a World Series studio analyst for Fox, could be announced today as the ' next manager.October 29, 2007 -- The Yankees offered their managerial position and are currently negotiating the terms of the contract, according to sources close to the discussions.

The article [] is from Europe, but what it describes is certainly true here as well. During the first "", the monasteries- particularly the Irish and Irish-derived monasteries- provided the.

Monday, October 29, 2007
Edgar Cayce
(pronounced as , or ) is known as one of America's greatest psychics. Made few incredibly precise predictions over 20th century, and the prophecies came true. Take a look at the review of the most remarkable ones.

Fred Willard
Fred Willard

As walked along the third-base line at with his 9-year-old son, Max, the veteran actor did not attempt to mask his excitement as he took in the scene while the took batting practice prior to Game 4 of the World Series.

Red Sox are masters of baseball's universe
Red Sox

For the second time in four years, the are World Series champions and the indisputable rulers of the universe as we know it. They are the of the postseason, having won eight World Series games in a row. Hail, Tito.


, , , formerly referred to as , the former originating in Greek and the latter in Latin, both meaning quot;serpent-holder, quot; is one of the 88 constellations and was also one of the 48 listed by Ptolemy. It is a large constellation located around the celestial equator between Aquil

Jon Lester
Jon Lester

frustrated and overpowered the Colorado Rockies for 5 2/3 innings last night, picking up the victory in the Boston's World Series-clinching 4-3 victory at Coors Field. Lester threw shutout ball, allowing just three hits and fanning three

Daylight Saving Time Change Different in 2007
Daylight Saving Time

in 2007. The Energy Policy Act of 2005 changed the days of DST to add four more weeks. Now DST starts on the second Sunday in March and lasts until the first Sunday in November.

Mike Lowell
Mike Lowell

As he weaved his way through the dark corridors stained by the smell of champagne, carried in his right arm a trophy as he searched for his wife, Bertha.

Once an afterthought Lowell wins World Series MVP
That might be the best way to describe the and . The wrapped up their second World Series title in four years Sunday with a 4-3 over the overmatched in the 103rd edition of the . It's almost hard to believe this is the same group was once labeled lovable losers. A "" team that went 86 years without a championship.


Say goodbye to in pinstripes. As first reported by's Jon Heyman, Rodriguez opted out of the final three years of his 10-year, $252-million contract last night. And if the Yankees stick to their oft-repeated mantra that they would not negotiate with if he were to opt out, his career as a Yankee is over.

Abby McGrew
Abby McGrew

Giants quarterback has proposed to longtime girlfriend . The couple began dating in college and has been together for five years. Manning proposed to Tuesday night and a source says McGrew was "."

Friday, October 26, 2007
Actress Menken
: folks, if you're doing the crossword and you're getting stuck on the answer for "Actress Menken" then the answer is "" Menken, the first Jewish American superstar.

Carrie Underwood is 'very classy' says Chace Crawford
Carrie Underwood

Gossip Girl actor admits to dating country music singer but stops short of acknowledging they are a couple.

Ben Mezrich
Ben Mezrich

has already written best-seller , but he has written a new book - ''. 'Rigged' is said to be a true, explicit story of an .

Joey Logano
Joey Logano

For their first , and left quite an impression. Logano left his impression on other drivers and car owners while driving to his seventh win of the year. Smith, meanwhile, left an impression on rear bumper, and on the track wall at Irwindale Speedway.

Tunis, Beautiful as Ever in Literary Creations
"" (),a literary rendezvous, established since 1982 by the French Ministry of Culture and organised by the French Institute of co-operation, aims at celebrating reading and literary creation. The 19th edition 2007 of the three-day event was organized in the city of on the 19th, 20th and 21st of October and took on the topic "".

shares surged in after-hours trading after the software icon announced strong quarterly results on high demand for its Vista operating system, as well as other products.

Diana's last words were 'Oh my God, oh my God': Witness

Princess repeated the words "" as she lay dying immediately after the fatal car crash that killed her and companion ten years ago, the inquest into her death has heard.

Matthew Wasser, 22-Year-Old Media Relations Intern for New York Yankees, Killed by Drunk Driver.
Matthew Wasser

, a 22-year-old media relations intern for the was killed early Sunday morning when a taxi cab he was traveling in was struck by a drunk driver. Wasser was in Boston attending the Red Sox-Indians playoff game on Saturday. The accident occurred while Wasser was a passenger in a cab traveling through Waltham, Mass.

Nick Manning
Male performer new lingerie store, LA Exotique, is facing eviction from the landlord, despite being paid in full on rent. The shop ? which is owned by Manning, Michelle McLaren, Rachel Roxxx, Sarah Jesse, Mikey Butders, Justin Syder and Dean Sussman, Manning's longtime adult distribution partner ? opened three weeks ago in Encino.

Dolphins LB Channing Crowder Wants a Translator for Fins London Game
Life just keeps getting worse for the 0-7 Miami Dolphins. In an attempt to broaden the NFL audience outside of the United States and Mexico the league in all its wisdom has decided to play a regular season game in London, England. Dolphins linebacker wanted a translator according to a report from the . He was likely joking but he says he swears he didn't know that they spoke English in England.

Thursday, October 25, 2007
Mel Gibson flees as Malibu fires continue to wreak havoc
Mel Gibson

The star and his family were evacuated from their Malibu mansion as the raging blaze continues to spread.

Pete Doherty ends romance with fiance Irina Lazareanu
Pete Doherty

has reportedly ended his romance with fiancee Irina Lazareanu.

Kevin Federline tops 'Cad to Dad' poll
Kevin Federline

ex hubby has topped a new ' poll.

Heidi Klum And Seal Tell About Their Raunchy Hook-Up
Heidi Klum

and reveal how they met and how after three children manage to keep the early feelings for each other alive.

Simply Red

Pop band will no longer perform together after 2009, bringing their 25 years as a group to a close. Lead singer told that band members would go their separate ways after a final tour in two years. He also said the group would be releasing no new singles, making The World And You Tonight their last release.

Fans no longer believe Jay-Z's retirement announcements

Rapper-turned-CEO says that his fans believe that he will never bid adieu to the music industry, as he has already surprised them by coming out of retirement before.

David Beckham voted number one 'man's man'
David Beckham

The soccer star topped website's Top 49 Men of 2007 list, which saw over one million internet users vote for the most masculine male star.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007
Watching Maggie's sex scenes in 'Secretary' was disturbing
Jake Gyllenhaal

says watching his sister being stripped and spanked was disturbing.

shuttle launch
shuttle launch

The discovery of a piece of ice outside the US space shuttle has posed a last-minute hitch as debated whether to press ahead with its despite safety concerns. officials were scrambling to evaluate the piece of ice found outside the craft shortly before its scheduled blastoff at 11:38 (1538 GMT), television said.

Justin Timberlake 'just doesn't look like a star': Jermaine Dupri
Justin Timberlake

American rapper Jermaine Dupri has taken a swipe at , in his new autobiography.

John Travolta's niece gets a boob job on TV!
John Travolta

, niece of Hollywood star , appeared on US plastic surgery program Dr 90210, for a breast enhancement and lift.

Robert Chambers
Robert Chambers

, the "," who served 15 years in prison for strangling Jennifer Levin in New York's Central Park during what he claimed was rough sex, could be back behind bars for the rest of his life following his arrest on for selling cocaine. At a hearing today, Chambers was jailed without bail until Thursday.


Veteran funnyman has ruled out a return to stand-up comedy. The Father Of The Bride star has just co-written a children's book and is currently filming a sequel to his film, and he insists he doesn't have the time to immerse himself in the world of live comedy. Martin says, "It really requires a complete dedication; you can't just go out for a month, you have to go out for 11 months.

Nicole Ritchie and Joel Madden house-hunting in Australia
Nicole Ritchie

Pregnant and her fiancee Good Charlotte frontman are looking for a house in .

Foxy Brown Put in Punitive Segregation
Foxy Brown

Rapper has received 76 days in punitive segregation after she scuffled with another inmate at Rikers Island jail, authorities said Tuesday. Brown was separated from other inmates on Oct. 16, said , deputy commissioner for public information for the city's correction department.

Spice Girls' new track leaked online
Spice Girls

new track '' has been leaked on the Internet weeks before its release.

Angelina Jolie draws big crowds on the sets of 'The Changeling'
Angelina Jolie

Even when attired as a distressed mother of the depression era , seen here Monday, October 23, in a suburb of Los Angeles, Ca on the set of new film ,' easily makes a very impressive style statement.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007
Jessica Simpson To Host 'The View'
Jessica Simpson

Get ready for more ' candid-moments' as she will co-host ' while is on maternity leave.

Heather Mills wants Reese Witherspoon to play her in biopic
Heather Mills

Sir estranged wife is currently in the US to plan a movie about her life. And, she's picked the winner, to step into her shoes.

Marie Osmond
Marie Osmond

Tonight's "" got off to a scary start when , just finishing her samba with partner , was standing before the judges about to listen to comments when ? blam! ? she fainted and hit the floor with a thud.

Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal at the Rendition photocall in Rome
Reese Witherspoon

and have done a great job of keeping us in the dark about their hot-and-cold romance. The two recently appeared at the photocall of their film Rendition in the Photocall Auditorium at the Porto della Musica, in Rome, Italy.


. An hour and a half after the were available over 8 million people made their way to the website to try and purchase tickets. The result of 8 million people trying to buy tickets at once has crashed the system. was the company handling the sale of the Rockies tickets.

Tom Cruise plans Wacky Races-style spree to cheer up Beckham
Tom Cruise

has lined -up a series of events to cheer up good pal following the latter's disappointing soccer season.

San Diego fires
San Diego

The are quite serious. For those of you who know the area, there are great concerns about the , which is northeast of the city. More disconcerting is the evacuation of the heavily populated ? which is northeast of the city and roughly about 18 miles due east of Del Mar; about 14 miles east of my home. There are currently about eight fires burning in the county.

Britney Spears fans being urged to boycott her new album
Britney Spears

A group of former friends and employees is urging her fans to boycott her forthcoming album ' till the troubled pop star gets her life under control, unsing an online campaign titled .'

Baring all for 'Hotel Chevalier' felt right: Natalie Portman
Natalie Portman

Actress has insisted that she was convinced that nude scenes were required for her upcoming film 'Hotel Chevalier.

Paris Hilton Makes Audience Sick At Horror Themed Awards
Paris Hilton

popularity seemed to drop another notch this weekend when the socialite was booed on stage at the Scream 2007 awards.


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